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My sobriety date is September 16, 2014. I just celebrated one year. Looking back, it wasn't the seven treatment centers that made me want to change. It wasn't the jails, the hospitals or overdosing. It was hitting a spiritual bottom, a horrible feeling of emptiness. So I made a commitment to myself to change my life completely. I rebuilt my relationship with God. I have an amazing sponsor with a serious sponsorship family...
- Joanna M.
I attended the Hope Recovery 2 years ago and honestly I don't know where I would be if I didn't. The Christian track saved my life, when I came into the program I didn't know who I was or what god was. Through Hope Recoveries outpatient program I learned who I was and what I believe in.
- Danielle C.
When I came to Hope, I had been to literally dozens of other programs across the Country. People had given up on me. It was not easy, but the people at Hope proved to me they really cared about helping me get better. I am happy to say that I am now sober, have my feet firmly beneath me, and am a proud peer leader in the Hope community.
- Reece O.
The staff here has helped me, if it wasn't for the staff including Morgan and Anthony I would most likely be dead. Today I have a full time job and go to school full time. I wouldn't be where I am without you guys!! Love You
- Samantha C.
The staff not only commends you every step of the way, but they keep you accountable. They treat you like family and that's because to them you are family. Because of Hope they showed me hot to get a job, how to work the steps, how to budget money and so many other things. If I have to come back, I'd come back here because that's where it works.
- Alanya S.

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